A luxurious cream for youth and beauty,

created by skilful practitioners using ancient recipes,

and the most precious ingredients from the plant and mineral kingdom,

purified by means of long and complex processes.

Theodor Storm

'Hinzelmeier - A Toughtful Story'

(story in the alchemic tradition of the Occident)

First chapter, first paragraph

‚In a spacious old house lived Herr Hinzelmeier and his beautiful wife, Abel. They had been married for eleven years; in fact, the people of the town reckoned that the two of them were carrying around the combined weight of almost eighty years, and yet they were still young and handsome, not a wrinkle on their foreheads, not a crow’s-foot by their eyes.

It was obvious enough that something funny was going on, and when the talk at coffee klatches got around to the subject of the Hinzelmeiers, the town gossips would drink three more cups than they did the first Sunday afternoon of Easter. One would say, ‚They’ve got a fountain of youth in the backyard.‘ Another would agree: ‚Not just a fountain of youth either; girls too – it’s a mill of maidens.‘ A third would add, ‚Their boy, little Hinzelmeier, was born with a lucky caul and now his parents take turns wearing it, one night one of them, the next night the other.‘

Of course, little Hinzelmeier had no such thoughts; on the contrary, it seemed quite natural to him that his parents were forever young and beautiful …‘

A unique, natural, luxury cosmetic

Created according to ancient alchemical recipes

Who hasn’t heard the stories of those fabled cosmetic compounds which, by means of “liquid gold” (aurum potabile), extended youth and beauty?

Or of the secret recipes for salves, oils and perfumes which transformed Cleopatra, Zenobia of Palmyra or the Queen of Sheba into the most desirable women of their times?

Or of the legendary Ayurveda treatment in the Far East, which could return youth and extend life?

chiljasu is based on the ancient, timeless alchemical recipes.


Made exclusively by skilled practitioners using complex methods

In all parts of the world and in all historical ages there have been and still are skilled masters who understand how to create by alchemical methods from nature’s realm (plants, minerals and metals), rare and refined products for beauty and wellness.

This art requires extensive knowledge of nature, over her myriad, interwoven processes and of the varied influences exerted on them by the cosmos. Besides this, such people, it is said, also possess a distinctive way of thinking and living so that their work can be successful. For this reason, the traditional recipes are “veiled” so that they can only be understood and followed by persons of knowledge.

In contrast to other production methods, alchemy raises the naturally occurring, base materials to higher, more noble and effective “levels”. The powerful, imbuing essence of plants, minerals and metals thus becomes available in its pure form.

The processes of reduction, trituration, perfusion, and extraction etc. are carried out for days or weeks at the exact periods prescribed by the position of the planets.

The noblest products, in particular, can only be produced by hand – by the skilful craft of the master. For this reason, such valuable products cannot be made by mass production.

Alchemic impression: Emerald Magisterium


'Refined' precious gems and metals

Precious gems and metals are the starting point for the chiljasu cream:

gold, pearls, corals, rubies, emeralds

These valuable natural products are transformed into a highly “noble” state by means of ancient recipes and the properties and the vibrancy of the ingredients are effectively captured.

This ennobling process allows the skin to absorb the essence of the gems and metals. In this way, these valuable natural products can achieve their unique effect for youth and beauty.

All further ingredients are of course also made of 100% natural products.


'Glow', youthfulness and the inner vitality of the skin

Regular cosmetic application effects a visibly livelier, and “naturally beautiful” appearance. The skins feels smoother, more even and fine pored and overall younger. It possesses a certain ‚glow‘.

The different ingredients, their vitality activated, stimulate the skin to return to its original state – in other words, re-stated in alchemical terms, “to re-acquire their natural, living, saturation with moisture”. Such regenerative processes can even help damaged skin return to its natural beauty.

Since the ingredients are worked incomparably fine by the alchemical process they are able to immediately penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and be absorbed there. Their strong effect can occur immediately to produce an invigorating effect after the first application.

chiljasu has a universal effect – it nourishes, nurtures and protects the skin. It can be used as a day or night facial cream as well as for the eyes, décolleté and hands.



Craftsmanship, premium materials, exclusivity


We take great care not just with our ingredients but also with our packaging where we pay especial attention in selecting natural, premium materials and in handmade craftsmanship.

The jars for the creams are made according to our specifications from especially hard, hand-blown laboratory glass. Just as with old apothecary’s vessels, all jars and lids are individually fitted and polished by hand to form a single unit.

The wrapping, boxes and bags are handmade by a traditional bookbinder.

All the work is carried out exclusively in Germany and Austria.

Alchemic impression: Tartarus dry destillation

Alchemic impression: gold work


Alchemic impression: fire art


About Us

Stefanie Richter, who originally worked in the media industry, came to learn the world of alchemy from her husband.

Later she met with alchemists from Europe and India. In this way, a few years ago, the first exemplars of the chiljasu cream were created.

Inspired by its effect, she decided to make this unique treasure available to other people.


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Alchemic impression: Sal volatile amber